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    Offical Help Vehicle Driving

    Post  MonotechInteractive on Fri May 27, 2016 1:43 pm

    The game offers a variety of cars to explore the game with, these can range from simple estate vehicles to sports cars and ATVS and trucks.

    Due to the lack of currency currently, cars do not require an ingame currency transaction to use (although some may require being in a group or having a gamepass)

    These are normal vehicles obtainable for free at ingame dealerships, they are not faction unique and most have random colours, speed is mediocre at best, car types vary between where you find the dealerships

    These are vehicles (Normally using normal vehicles as a base) with faction markings, these are normally improved in speed and some even use unique models.

    These are vehicles unique to the Virdia Government and are operated by whom, these can be police cars or military depending on what agency is operating it, these are almost always unique vehicles

    These are vehicles obtained via a gamepass or special, any vehicle that requires robux to own falls under this catergory, these are some of the fastest cars in the game.

    Unique vehicles that belong to admins, these are the fastest cars you would find in the game and are almost always unobtainable except for certain situations

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