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    Offical Help Territories

    Post  MonotechInteractive on Thu May 26, 2016 10:25 pm

    Territories is a part of the Virdic Isles and serves as an important political and identification system

    Territories range from small towns to neighbourhoods and even army bases or prisons, a collection of territories are part of a larger territory called a province, most territories found in the game are part of the Zona Virdic code and are covered by the VPD and Virdic Military, Some territories would be harder to gain than others, strong territories like the Virdi City Central are really hard to overthrow, while simple villages would be easy, territories are managed by humans and not bots, so it could take a while to update political information

    Default territory type, these types have full Government control and are stable, identified by showing the Virdic Flag

    Caused by political friction between the government and opposing factions, shows neither side giving up, identified by showing the Unstable Flag

    Caused by complete dominance by an opposing faction, will display the factions name and will display the factions flag

    Some territories like army bases and prisons have a permanent government control and can not be liberated.

    The territory control system is based on group activity, if a group is constantly active in that area it will go unstable and the military will have to regain control, political events and wars also contribute to this, all provinces have some sort of "capital" territory.

    If a faction gets banned from the game or goes severly unactive, government control will be regained, the province sign will display the overall control.

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